Enomatic has created the following suite of software in order to monitor and control the flow of information from wine card enabled systems. 

• Enosoft Card Generator
• Enosoft Professional
• Enosoft Multistore

Enosoft Card Generator
Designed for small installations that do not have the need to record data. Card Generator enables the creation of pre-charged wine cards to be used for dispensing, and a special assignment card to assign a wine data (label, vintage, bottle size, volumes and prices) to the dispenser.

Enosoft Professional

Designed for medium to large installations, Enosoft Professional manages and records all data sent via the dispensers for monitoring and control purposes. The Professional software allows the user to:

• Create rechargeable wine cards with customisation options.
• Create and manage the database according to : type of wine, consumption, number of pouring etc…
• Organise transactions by hour/day/month/year,
• Control dispensers remotely
: Temperature, activation, wine offering.
• Monitor all service operations carried out by staff.
• Set happy hour pricing 

Enosoft Multistore

Designed for multiple outlets that require wine cards and data to be shared. A central server called 'Enocentral' links all outlets via VPN connection. Each store runs Enosoft Professional locally which periodically syncs with Enocentral.


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